Holle Wlokas

Senior consultant

Holle is a social scientist with over six years’ experience in multi-stakeholder projects and processes. Her work revolves around the field of community development, especially linked to the renewable energy sector, with a specific interest in supporting quality relationships between business, government and citizens.

Holle is educated in Germany and professionally trained in South Africa and internationally. She holds a post-grad degree in Political Science and awaits her doctoral  degree graduation. Holle worked for the Energy Research Centre at the University of Cape Town for four years. In her role as research officer, she managed and contributed to projects addressing issues around community development, household energy (poverty) and climate change mitigation.

Holle also worked within international projects like the Mitigation Action Plans and Scenarios (MAPS) Programme and the Global Network on Energy for Sustainable   Development  (GNESD). Holle’s research is influenced by action research, transdiciplinary methods and grounded theory. She has been  involved with and led various multi-stakeholder initiatives, including the development of a responsive offering (workshops, knowledge creation and dissemination) to the renewable energy sector and its community development obligations.

She is an active member in the South African solar and wind energy industry associations (SAPVIA and SAWEA) and the chairperson of the associations’ joint working group on community development in 2017. Holle was awarded for the “Best academic contribution to the wind industry in South Africa” (2015) and for her “ambassadorship for the wind industry in South Africa” (2016), both by SAWEA.

Further qualifications include formal training in development and multi-stakeholder facilitation, outcome mapping for monitoring and evaluation and project management. Holle has fieldwork experience in various European countries and the global South including Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Morocco, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa. Holle is fluent in English and German.