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Synergy Global Consulting (Synergy) supports the Social Performance of business, to achieve positive outcomes and lasting legacies.

Investing in challenging contexts requires high levels of due diligence, risk management and social accountability together with new approaches to engaging with stakeholders, resolving disputes and creating a positive impact on socio-economic development.

Existing, new and future social, economic and governance dynamics present significant challenges and opportunities to the role of business at global, national and local levels. Synergy has a solid 23-year reputation in partnering with its clients, helping them to navigate tough situations that present risks to both business and society. At home in the boardroom and in the community, our work impacts strategy, policies, implementation and outcomes from investments and initiatives, in societies in transformation, often in conflict and post-conflict situations.

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Global pressure on the private sector to positively impact social, human rights, climate change and governance challenges provides Synergy with the opportunity to offer a range of value-adding services that support the challenges and changes that our clients are experiencing. All our work is guided by international and local policies, standards and guidelines, and our team invests in understanding the changes in policy and regulations where our clients are operating.

We work with companies, finance and investment firms, international bodies such as the United Nations, other international and national non-governmental organisations, trusts and foundations. Our intention is to be a bridge, allowing partners and actors in development to collaborate and successfully resolve differences. For more than two decades we have been strengthening our capacity to help business and society improve relationships and impacts, very often in conflict zones. Our support to the mining, energy, forestry, agriculture and infrastructure sectors has secured our international reputation as a trusted advisor and partner to companies and organisations in 75 countries through more than 500 projects.

Synergy Core Service areas

The Synergy proposition is to leverage our 23-year global experience working on over 500 projects in 75 countries supporting our clients and partners. Our core services are available in all our offices. 

Consulting and Strategic Advisory

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Research and Assessment

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Training & capacity building

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Audit & due diligence

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Synergy Practice Areas

The Synergy practice and thematic areas brings focus and attention to global trends, continuous improvement to our approaches and methodologies and sharing of experiences, challenges, and achievements.

We engage in country, regional, and global communities of practice and encourage our team to support and add value to these efforts through volunteering, knowledge sharing and participation.  Across all our practice areas we are confronting significant change that requires active learning with our clients and other stakeholders.


Human Rights and Business

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Land and Livelihoods

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Impact Investing

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Responsible Mineral Supply Chains

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Stakeholders and Partnerships

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Just Energy Transition

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Who We Are

Synergy is an employee-owned consultancy with a global footprint.

Our core multi-disciplinary team located in the United Kingdom, France and South Africa enables us to respond to demands throughout the globe. Our in-house internship and training programme provides a constant flow of young people’s energy into the business, promoting new ideas, and challenging our assumptions and approaches to leadership both inside and outside our organisation.

We are highly adept at working with different cultures, in different languages and are sensitive to political, race, gender, ethnic and social dynamics that require deep appreciation and diligent management. We have developed a global network and work with a trusted group of professional associates, allowing us access to secure credible and trusted professional partners wherever we work.

Our Sectors

New growth markets in complex environments require high levels of
due diligence and care. We tailor our expertise and services according
to specific sectors and the individual needs of our clients.

Agriculture & Forestry
Energy / Renewables

Our work is informed by international guidelines and standards, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and impact investing criteria.
Synergy Global Consulting (South Africa) is a level 2 BBBEE company.

Some of our clients

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