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Who We Are

Synergy is an employee-owned consultancy with a global footprint. Our team is strategically located in the United Kingdom, France and South Africa, which allows us to maintain an international lens on projects regardless of where they are located.

We typically work in complex environments, characterised by conflict and challenges, where we take a systemic approach to problem-solving to achieve pragmatic solutions for our clients.

Our Journey

When Synergy was launched in 2000, it was at the forefront of a movement to align the interests of business, government and society around sustainable development. We sought to understand how business impacts people and the planet and approaches to building governance systems to support positive outcomes.

Our principles and values created 23 years ago continue to inspire us to work in challenging environments, train and develop as many professionals as possible, and be a trusted technical and process partner to our clients. Our work has taken us across the globe and allowed us to experience the changes in attitudes and behaviours of our stakeholders and partners. We have confronted very challenging environments with our clients, prompting the need for diligence, patience and empathy; and we pride ourselves on having walked this journey together.

People and socio economic systems are at the centre of our work and we have a deep belief that we can work through challenges together, even when in conflict. We have seen tremendous progress and examples of success, and are proud of many achievements with our partners, giving us the impetus to apply ourselves even more to our rapidly changing world, in turn embracing the massive demographic, social, political, economic and environmental shifts.

We are privileged to have been invited to help solve some of the world’s most pressing global, national and local challenges. We look forward to continuing to experience the impact of our enduring relationships with our stakeholders.

Our Values

People are at the heart of everything we do. We’re excited to see them grow, rise to a challenge and fulfil their potential.

We are unwavering in delivering work that meets the highest professional and ethical standards.

We achieve more when we work as a team with our clients and other stakeholders, to achieve a common vision.

Bias for hope:
Having learned from success and failure, we are unreservedly optimistic about the possibilities for positive change.

We are passionate about making a difference by promoting better ways of doing business. We are determined to enjoy ourselves while doing so.

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