About Synergy

We partner with businesses operating in complex environments to help them secure their long-term value by creating positive and sustainable outcomes through the way they interact with their stakeholders.

Since our inception in 2000, we’ve been helping companies, governments and community-based organisations around the world enhance the social impacts of large-scale development projects.
We’re a small, employee-owned consultancy with a global footprint and a long history of successfully supporting our clients to deliver social benefits through effective and collaborative processes, organisational adaptation and technical capacity.

At home in challenging, emerging markets, a good portion of our work centres on the natural resources sector. We’re particularly well known for our expertise in the fields of impact and risk assessment, land access and resettlement, equipping and training companies, and community benefit creation.

We recognise the challenges inherent in the successful implementation of strategies and plans, and so we provide practical, no-nonsense support to project partners and clients.
And finally, we work hard to maintain our reputation for thought-leadership, proficiency in complex situations, interpersonal and fiscal integrity, and project success.



With offices in South Africa, the UK and France, and project experience that covers more than 70 countries, we understand the need for agility and cultural sensitivity.


From private-sector clients to governments and multilateral institutions, from industry associations to NGOs and academic institutions, we’ve helped each one unravel the complexities of the projects with which they’ve been faced.


Our projects tend to be in mining, oil and gas, forestry, financial sector due diligence, infrastructure and renewables, but clients tell us they’ve discovered wide application across many sectors.

years of experience

Out of curiosity, we added up the years of experience in our small employee-owned firm. With this many years of experience (and counting!), our clients are assured both expertise and practical know-how.

What can you expect?



We are unwavering in delivering work that meets the highest professional and ethical standards.


Because people are at the heart of what we do, we’re excited to see people grow, rise to a challenge and fulfil their potential.


We achieve more when we work as a team – both with our clients and other stakeholders – towards a common vision.

Bias for hope

Having learned from both success and failure, we are unreservedly optimistic about the possibilities for positive change.


We are passionate about making a difference through developing better ways of doing business, and are determined to enjoy ourselves while doing so.