Brooke Parkin


Brooke is an intern at the Synergy Oxford Office. His role is primarily researched-based and his tasks include conducting socioeconomic analyses of site locations or reporting on international guidelines and legislative frameworks. He also assists with operational tasks, providing logistics and communication support to Synergy teams and partners.

Brooke holds a Master’s degree (MPhil) in Development Studies from the University of Oxford. His research focused on the social and political consequences of natural gas extraction in northern Mozambique. As a journalist and working in policy, he has experience analysing the social impact of mega-projects in Rio de Janeiro, with a particular focus on housing issues and resettlements. He also has experience working in social entrepreneurship, education and the law in Africa, Latin America and the UK. Brooke speaks Spanish and Portuguese and holds a MA Honours in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Edinburgh, where he won multiple prizes for outstanding academic achievement.