Dan Sonnenberg

Associate consultant

Dan has over two decades of work experience across Africa and the Middle East. He is highly adept at finding solutions for the oftentimes conflicting agendas between a company’s corporate policies and the practical implications at operational level. Dan’s insights into the role and influence – and the vulnerabilities – of the extractive sector in the rural context is especially valuable.

An ecologist by training, Dan’s interest in the land and its people was cultivated at the South African National Biodiversity Institute (formerly the National Botanical Institute). He worked on understanding the relationship between goat herders and the communal lands they utilised. Of significance, he collaborated in setting up an ecological monitoring programme for Riemvasmaak (in the Northern Cape) – the first land parcel to be restituted to its owners in post-apartheid South Africa.

Following a stint overseas and a long journey through eastern and central Africa, Dan returned home and worked for Anglo American in South Africa and Zambia focusing on building relationships between rural people and mining projects, and on resettlement. Thereafter he cofounded a company that provided research for the JSE’s Socially Responsible Investment Index.

Most recently, Dan has worked on implementing the Ma’aden community management system in Saudi Arabia, a social performance management system for De Beers, social performance requirements for one of Anglo American Platinum’s mine and a resettlement project in Botswana.

Dan works out of our Johannesburg office.