Katharine Gotto-Walton


Katharine has over 20 years’ international experience focused on helping organisations understand and manage their interactions with society and the environment. As a director at Synergy since 2001, Katharine has played a critical role in the success of numerous sensitive projects while building a global consulting company and team of expert social performance specialists at the same time.

Katharine’s expertise lies in managing the socio-economic impacts and issues surrounding large-scale development projects – in particular oil and gas joint venture projects working across corporate, government, non-government and academic sectors.

She is a strong project manager with extensive experience on the ground, having worked with the BG Group, BP, Tullow Oil, Putu Iron Ore and for four years with Shell in Latin America. Katharine’s many skills include social, human rights and integrated impact assessments; project planning, implementation and assessment; stakeholder engagement; social investment; wider social issue management; strategy and policy development; and training. Katharine is an ISO 14001 lead auditor and has led numerous external and internal audits, including several for the IFC Compliance Advisor Ombudsman.

Katharine previously worked for an NGO-corporate partnership (BP, BirdLife International, Fauna and Flora International) leading a global grant and training biodiversity conservation programme.