Paul Kapelus


Paul has been working in that interesting intersection of business and society for over two decades. His focus has been in the natural resources sectors, working with mining, oil, gas, agriculture and forestry.

Paul’s work has focused on how companies intersect with development and the strategies that need to be considered, designed and implemented. His extensive experience includes partnership design and the practical implementation thereof, conflict resolution, bankable feasibility studies, social and human rights assessments, sustainability reporting and assurance, design of management systems, stakeholder engagement strategies and plans, design and management of trusts and foundations, training, coaching, and recruitment.

Paul works easily with all levels of management, from executive through to middle management and operations. He has worked with business, civil society and government sectors and is often placed in socially complex situations with the mandate to diagnose situations that might become a risk for companies and provide value-adding mitigation strategies.

As mediator qualified by the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement, he has helped companies in strong and weak governance environments, conflict and post-conflict situations.

Paul was elected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2006 and in 2008 was awarded the Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellowship. He has published papers in various leading journals, and is based in our Johannesburg office.