Sarah Daigle


Sarah brings a wealth of experience in company audits, risk assessments, toolkit development, diplomacy and human rights.

Sarah has performed company audits as the third-party auditor of the iTSCi conflict-free tin scheme, a minerals traceability initiative covering countries in the Great Lakes Region. She has carried out missions in the DRC and Uganda to perform company audits and research on risk assessments (governance assessments), comprising data collection and report writing. Sarah has also been involved in desk-based research while developing toolkits for clients that include UNICEF and UNDP.

Before joining Synergy, Sarah gained experience in diplomacy and knowledge in the Great Lakes Region while working as a Political Advisor at the Belgian Embassy, as well as for a Human Rights organisation in Kinshasa. She was in charge of reporting on the human rights situation, the mining code, the I4S and the decentralisation process in DRC.

Sarah holds an MA in International Affairs from the Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po) of Lyon, and an MA in Politics and Development Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She speaks French and English and is based in our office in Paris.