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October 5, 2015
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Community development framework study for the mining sector, Guinea

“I would very much recommend Paul Kapelus and Synergy for any social responsibility assessments, reviews or field studies – their work is thorough, systematic, fair and objective. Synergy’s approach is one of science and data, but I am happy to say they also have a heart!”

-Director Corporate & External Affairs Africa, Newmont Mining Corporation

Community development framework study for the mining sector, Guinea

Client:World Bank, IFC, Government of Guinea
Sector:Extractive industry
Services client used:Assessment, engagement, implementation
Our expertise:Stakeholder engagement, partnerships, sector industry knowledge, knowledge of best practices for community development

Project description

Guinea has major deposits of bauxite, gold and iron ore, as well as deposits of diamonds and the potential for the production of alumina and the smelting of aluminium. The mining industry plays an important role in the socio-economic development of the country, with its commodities serving as the country’s primary export and the government’s most important source of revenue. Despite these opportunities, the country still faces challenges in terms of community development and the equitable distribution of resources.

We were invited by the World Bank Group to review the effectiveness of community development initiatives undertaken by the mining sector in Guinea, and to develop a framework which would establish a common approach to supporting the role of the mining sector in community development.


Synergy was asked to provide a detailed report of community development activities in the country and recommend the next steps for the implementation of a country-wide approach.

Key challenges and successes

Working in an unstable political environment and covering a large geographical area, the team had to consider ways in which mining projects might be able to collaborate on certain community issues. The difficulties of operating in a large country with very limited transport and communication infrastructure had to be overcome persistently.

Synergy worked with a team of local experts in Guinea to review the activities of seven mining operations and two projects at the pre-operational phase. Lessons were also drawn from community development and poverty reduction programmes in Guinea. Examples of good practice approaches to community development in the extractive industry in other countries were considered, too.