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October 5, 2015
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Social impact assessment for an exploration oil company

BG Group has worked with Synergy for over eight years and values the niche expertise Synergy brings in the areas of social impact, human rights and conflict assessments and management, consultation, community agreements and training.

-Group Head, Social Performance & Human Rights, BG Group

Social impact assessment for an exploration oil company

Client:An exploration oil company
Country:East Africa
Sector: Oil & Gas
Services client used:Assessment, management systems
Our expertise: Social baselines studies, social impact assessments, stakeholder planning, stakeholder consultation, agility.

Project description

Synergy was part of a consortium tasked with developing the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for several well site locations selected by a junior oil company operating in east Africa.

Working in partnership with a local consultancy, we were responsible for the social element of the ESIA. Our responsibilities included conducting stakeholder consultations in the field, drafting a social methodology, providing capacity building for the local team, identifying and assessing potential social impacts, and advising on the implementation of adequate and effective mitigation measures.

We also provided guidance and support in the development of social management plans (SMPs) for the selected well sites.


Our team delivered the following:

  • In-field stakeholder consultations;
  • Socio-economic baseline and social impact assessment reports;
  • A stakeholder engagement plan and grievance mechanism in accordance with  IFC 2012 Performance Standards requirements; and,
  • Several SMPs which included resettlement measures.

Key challenges and successes

The inherent nature of an exploration oil company is one of changing requirements as new information is uncovered. This requires teams to be agile and adaptable. Knowing this, we streamlined our internal processes by partnering with local consultants and providing technical expertise remotely so that we could ensure a quick response time.