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Advanced Course: Advanced Community Relations Practice within Extractive Industries

Course Aims

  • To develop critical thinking and thought leadership.
  • To challenge and expand current thinking on key topics related to Social Performance.
  • To help manage human and social complexity i.e. systems thinking, development theory, and human behaviour.
  • To build the capacity of practitioners for greater influence and impact in their organisations and communities.

Course Content

Theory and critical thinking:

  • Systems theory. 
  • Development theory. 
  • Theories of human behaviour. 
  • Case studies of community relations practice. 
  • Types and sources of evidence relevant to community relations practice. Frameworks for best practice. 

Academic research and writing: 

  • Skills in literature search. 
  • Preparation of a literature review. 
  • Academic writing and referencing. 

Thought leadership: 

  • Presentation skills. 
  • Knowledge management, digital and print platforms. 
  • Design of thought leadership project.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, the student should be able to: 

  • Critically reflect, explain and discuss the application of appropriate theory to case studies drawn from areas in community relations practice. 
  • Apply leadership in one aspect of community relations practice in Africa through the utilisation of digital and/or print mediums. 
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