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Introduction Courses: Introduction to Social Performance

Course Aims

  • To provide participants with an understanding of the nature and breadth of Social Performance. 
  • To position the function and value of Social Performance within the business.
  • To equip participants with some of the basic tools for improved Social Performance management.

Course Content

  • Introducing social performance (definition, context, guiding principles) 
  • Managing social performance within an organisation (challenges, roles and management systems 
  • Stakeholder engagement (definition, role, forms and key tools) 
  • Understanding your impacts and risks (defining, causes and key tools) 
  • Approaches for managing impacts and risks (good practice and tools for mitigation and management).
  • Socio-economic benefit delivery (definition, good practice, Theory of Change and Asset Based Community Development).
  • Monitoring and evaluation (including grievance mechanisms) 

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course the student should be able to: 

  • An appreciation of the critical role that social practitioners and stakeholder engagement play in ensuring the long-term sustainability of businesses operating in complex environments, particularly in the renewables industry in South Africa. 
  • An understanding of key concepts and tools related to social performance, stakeholder engagement, impacts and risks, socio-economic benefit delivery and monitoring and evaluation. 
  • A solid grounding in international best practice through an environmental and social governance (ESG) lens, complemented by the practical experience of practitioners in over two decades worth of work on the ground. 
  • A deeper appreciation of the impact of social performance work both internally and externally to organisations, as well as the best approaches required to ensure personal well-being and development.
  • A grasp of the practical tools required to develop better coordinated and consistent best practice for organisations operating in complex environments.
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