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Stakeholder Engagement

Course Aims:

  • To equip participants with the knowledge and tools required to better understand and respond to the complex factors shaping stakeholder relations and expectations. 
  • To provide participants with the insights, practical skills and tools necessary to develop and maintain healthy stakeholder relations.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to stakeholder relations and engagement. 
  • Factors influencing internal and external stakeholder relations and engagement. 
  • Ethics, principles and values for building and maintaining productive stakeholder relationships. 
  • Understanding levels of community support for high-impact operations. Stakeholder mapping and analysis. 
  • Stakeholder engagement planning. 
  • Approaches and techniques for stakeholder engagement. 
  • Tools for analysing and managing conflict. 
  • Managing stakeholder expectations and local-level resistance. 
  • Managing local-level grievance mechanism and access to remedy. 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of stakeholder engagement and community relations. 

Learning Outcome: 

The student has met the requirements to : 

  • Describe the factors influencing stakeholder relations and engagement at a global, African, and local level. 
  • Understand and communicate the risks associated with low levels of community support and poor stakeholder relations. 
  • Apply the principles of stakeholder mapping and analysis to the local context.
  • Design stakeholder engagement plans. 
  • Understand and develop critical stakeholder engagement skills and techniques including facilitation, active listening and basic communication skills. 
  • Select and apply appropriate methods of engagement with selected stakeholders. 
  • Analyse and evaluate the causes of conflict and approaches for managing existing and/or potential conflict at an operation.
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