The cherry on the top is being able to prove – whether to shareholders, stakeholders or regulatory bodies – that everything is functioning and running as it should.

Our trained ISO14001 lead auditors have extensive experience in conducting external reviews, evaluation, due diligence and independent audits, including social performance reviews for and on behalf of regulatory bodies.

As the independent auditor of the iTSCi conflict-free tin scheme, we evaluate each member company to ensure they have no ties with the funding of conflict.

We offer

We provide auditing and assurance services, which include the following:

  • Due diligence reviews;
  • Social performance reviews;
  • Multi-stakeholder report reviews;
  • Management system audits;
  • Assurance reviews;
  • Operational risk audits;
  • Risk and incident reporting systems and incident investigations;
  • GRI-based and other reporting systems;
  • Human rights audits and reviews; and
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

In addition, we are approved Bettercoal auditors and approved Equitable Origin consultants.