The need for companies to access land in rural and urban locations can have an effect on people, livelihoods and infrastructure, resulting in physical and economic displacement – often with significant emotional, spiritual, familial and communal implications.

Our decades of practical experience ensure that planning for such events is done according to a deep understanding of the local socio-economic and political context, international guidelines and effective risk management.

We appreciate that project timelines and social processes are not always aligned, providing scope for conflict. This requires the effective deployment of skills across a range of disciplines. Resettlement is increasingly being led by governments, requiring effective institutional design and relationship management.

Synergy has been supporting the Dingleton Resettlement for almost a decade with strategy, planning, monitoring and evaluation, government relations and conflict resolution.

We offer

We provide resettlement services, which include the following:

  • Strategy development;
  • Design of requisite organisational frameworks;
  • Due diligence and risk assessments;
  • Socio-economic surveys and asset surveys;
  • Design and implementation of Resettlement Action Plans;
  • Project management of cross discipline teams;
  • Government relations and negotiations;
  • Livelihood research, planning and restoration;
  • Grave relocations;
  • Capacity building for companies, government and community leaders and organisations;
  • Facilitation of community based planning;
  • Conflict risk assessment, mediation and resolution;
  • Monitoring and evaluation throughout the process; and,
  • Close out audits.

We are privileged to have had the opportunity to work with many companies, governments and communities to manage land access and its impacts. In both urban and rural settings, across a range of natural resource sectors including extractives, forestry and agriculture as well as roads, dams and pipelines. Our exposure to high conflict environments places us in a unique position to provide sensitive approaches to balance social responsibility, human rights and project delivery.