Tanja Rasmussen

Senior consultant

Tanja is an expert in social development planning, strategy development and social impact assessment, advising a range of the world’s leading organisations. She has international experience and is a recognised specialist in partnerships development, corporate and public policy, and performance management.

Trained as a social anthropologist and specialising in corporate social management, she has experience across a range of industry sectors. More specifically, her expertise includes socio-economic impact assessment, risk management and social issues identification, human rights, indigenous issues, resource and quality management, multi-stakeholder partnerships, and the development of analytical and implementation tools for companies and communities.

Tanja has developed guidance and training for a number of international companies and trained corporate teams, NGOs and communities. Tanja was previously community investment director for Business in the Community, a UK-based corporate membership organisation.

Tanja has also published several papers. She is based in Johannesburg in our South African office.