Dr. Teboho Mosuoe-Tsietsi (PhD)


+27 (0) 11 403 3077

South Africa

PhD in Anthropology (Rhodes University)

Master of Social Science in Sociology (Rhodes University)

Bachelor of Social Work (National University of Lesotho)

Teboho is a Consultant who has worked in Lesotho and South Africa in the areas of social performance, research and development, as well as in academia. She has a keen understanding of the complexities underpinning social risks and the impacts to industrial development.

With a proficiency in stakeholder engagement, critical research and analytics, Teboho works with private sector companies whose operations affect communities.  She helps clients to implement responsible developmental projects including, but not limited to, resettlement and livelihood restoration, social impact assessment and management, human rights due diligence, and research.

Teboho is passionate about developing ethical approaches to business, to help improve communities capacity to thrive alongside business operations and to achieve successful businesses and development outcomes.