Veronica Arbelaez

Junior Consultant

+44 (0) 18 65 55 88 11

United Kingdom

MRes in Security, Conflict and Human Rights (University of Bristol, UK)

BA Sociology and Political Sciences (Icesi University, Colombia)

Veronica, a Junior Consultant with 5 years of expertise in project management, community development, and regional planning, is dedicated to mediating and aligning the interests of companies, governments, and local communities in conflict-affected regions. Her skills encompass socio-economic analysis, fieldwork, academic research, and project management. In her current role, she leverages tools from her previous project management experience to monitor and evaluate the socio-economic impact of agricultural and medical projects in Tanzania. Veronica’s background in working with the oil industry, local governments, and communities uniquely positions her to identify and comprehend socio-economic and human rights impacts in conflict-affected areas, influencing her recent work on human rights management systems.