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We believe that business has great potential – a potential that is not often reached, a potential that drives both stakeholder and shareholder returns.

What We Expect from You

The ability to drive actionable change in well-established organizations within and across the private, public and investor realms, as well as to add value to very new companies with large ambitions but no track record.

Distinctly strong and well-tested analytical skills, as well as stand-out social and empathic capabilities. You must be smart and kind at the same time.

Significant understanding of and passion for sustainability issues and solutions, as well as a firm grasp of how businesses and societies work.

A genuine interest in building a completely different company together with us.

What We Offer in Return

The opportunity to work exclusively with sustainability-related issues and solutions, with all the development opportunities that includes.

An outstanding group of highly skilled, experienced and empathetic colleagues to learn from and work with on the most pressing issues facing the world.

A workplace where environmental, social and financial sustainability are inseparable from what we are trying to accomplish.

A balanced benefit package and shared upside.

An open invitation to help shape the culture of a new purpose-driven company with a unique mission and business model.

What success means to us:

  • Applying a sensitive approach when working with the most vulnerable members of society to empower meaningful participation in the environments we work in.
  • Transforming conflict through good negotiation, pragmatic problem solving and sound processes that deliver positive impact.
  • Positive socio-economic impact on a household level that allows ordinary people to feel the enhanced benefits of having industry in their lives.
  • Contributing to systemic change through stronger business and governmental policies
  • Creating solid professional development plans and training people who work in social development phase
  • Ensuring that human rights grievances can go through due process for resolution


Synergy’s Internship Programme is designed to enhance professional experience in the world of work and to continue training and development.

What is the Synergy Global Consulting Internship Programme?

Synergy’s Internship Programme is designed to enhance professional experience in the world of work and to continue training and development.

Interns are likely to be in the early stages of their career and will be working to broaden and deepen their experience of social performance consultancy including building a specific area of expertise. An integral part of the team and entrusted with responsibility early on, our interns are enthusiastic, reliable, and enjoy working in a team. They have a strong interest in our work, approach and values, a high level of English, have strong written and communication skills, are highly computer literate, and have strong organisational skills and good research background.

Synergy has offices in Oxford, Paris, Johannesburg and Cape Town and internships are offered in all these locations.

Why should I do an Internship?

• To gain practical professional experience and build my CV
• To verify that a career of interest is “for me” and gain “insider” knowledge
• To begin building my network of professional contacts

How long do our Internships last?

Synergy’s internships programs offer flexible engagement ranging from three months to one-year. In addition, both part time (from a few hours per week) to full time internships are available.

In the UK, Synergy regularly offers internship opportunities through the Oxford University Careers Service Internship Office (, including micro-internships (for one week) and Summer Internships (up to three months)

What experience will I gain from doing an internship?

The Internship Programme is designed to develop young talent, striving for personal and professional development. The Synergy Internship Programme offers interns real opportunities to gain high quality work experience, undertaking meaningful projects or tasks that will benefit both Synergy and the intern. The programme is designed to tap into student’s knowledge and fresh ideas, and for interns to gain an interesting and useful introduction to the workplace which will help their future employment prospects. Internships will be tailored to fit individual intern learning outcomes as well as Synergy’s dynamic work environment.

Synergy prides itself on being a learning organisation and our supportive team dynamic will ensure that interns will enhance their learning and achieve their desired outcomes. Interns will attain knowledge of Synergy as a global business and you will learn how to deliver on high business demands, enduring proactive and result driven outcomes within a diverse workforce and high-performance culture.

Synergy Global will more specifically improve your:

• Technical expertise including data analysis, research and report writing skills, presentation development and in-depth expertise in a specific areas
• Teamwork dynamics and skills;
• Office and administration skills including internal business systems, budgets, participation in meetings, stakeholder engagement;
• Prioritisation and project feedback and involvement;
• Facilitation and presentation skills;
• Communication skills and general office etiquette; and
• Setting of development objectives and targets and ways of monitoring and evaluating progress.

All interns are paired with a mentor who will be responsible for their professional and personal well-being in the company, including setting of development objectives and targets, and evaluation of progress. The programme will be guided by the Synergy Internship Workplan and Career Development Plan, progress reports, and exit interviews.

All interns that successfully complete the programme will be issued with a Synergy Internship Certificate.

Synergy Global will offer you the following opportunities:

• To gain workplace experience in an international social performance consultancy;
• To develop business and leadership skills; and
• Development offering that could assist with career development and career paths.

Can I have a paid internship?

Yes, at Synergy we offer internships rates guided by living wage dependent of country of origin.

What is the criteria?

• Proficient in English speaking and writing – additional languages an advantage
• Excellent use of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Historically Disadvantaged South African (in the case of South Africa)
• Citizen, permanent residency or valid visa for United Kingdom and France

How do I apply?

We invite university students and graduates in any field related to the work of Synergy, including Social and Human Sciences, Geography, Environmental Sciences, Economics and Communications. Apply if you are inspired by the work of Synergy, have a strong work ethic, are willing to learn and be exposed to a dynamics team of professionals that will challenge you.

Gold Standard Internship Award

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