Who are we?

We believe that business has great potential – a potential that is not often reached, a potential that drives both stakeholder and shareholder returns.

Whether it’s helping to resettle a community in adherence to international best practices or conducting a social impact and risk assessment, we are passionate about what we do because we understand the impact and potential a company can have in a community, in a nation’s economy and in the world.

Our consultancy is a leading choice for companies operating in complex and challenging environments because of our expertise in social issues, our global agility and our proven track record.

What We Expect from You

The ability to drive actionable change in well-established organizations within and across the private, public and investor realms, as well as to add value to very new companies with large ambitions but no track record.

Distinctly strong and well-tested analytical skills, as well as stand-out social and empathic capabilities. You must be smart and kind at the same time.

Significant understanding of and passion for sustainability issues and solutions, as well as a firm grasp of how businesses and societies work.

A genuine interest in building a completely different company together with us.

What We Offer in Return

The opportunity to work exclusively with sustainability-related issues and solutions, with all the development opportunities that includes.

An outstanding group of highly skilled, experienced and empathetic colleagues to learn from and work with on the most pressing issues facing the world.

A workplace where environmental, social and financial sustainability are inseparable from what we are trying to accomplish.

A balanced benefit package and shared upside.

An open invitation to help shape the culture of a new purpose-driven company with a unique mission and business model.

Our Clients

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