Hilton Phukubye-Johnson

Senior consultant

Hilton has over 15 years of professional experience in the corporate and international development sectors in southern Africa and Latin America, working in a wide range of contexts characterised by rapid transformation and high social, environmental and economic impact. These contexts have included large-scale infrastructure and resettlement projects, urban migrant and refugee networks, and national level development projects.

Hilton’s key roles and responsibilities have combined practice in the field of development and management consulting, programme and project management, large-scale operations management, and business and information systems.

His specialised skills include the design, development and implementation of enterprise development and training solutions; multi-sector partnership design; stakeholder and community engagement; research and analysis; content design; capacity building; facilitation and trainer training; resettlement project management; small business incubation; and mentoring, monitoring and evaluation.

Hilton has an MA in Forced Migration Studies from the University of the Witwatersrand and a B.Com in Economics and Information Systems from the University of South Africa. Hilton is based in our South Africa office in Johannesburg.