Théo Saunier

Principal Consultant

+33 (0) 6 59 45 39 95


Engineering degree (International Development & Tropical agronomy, ISTOM, France)

Théo is an experienced social performance specialist with core skills in social performance management, resettlement and livelihood restoration planning, stakeholder engagement, rural development, programming, GIS, and data management. At Synergy Global Consulting, he leverages his diverse experience and expertise to develop sustainable social management strategies that balance the needs of local communities and businesses. With an in-depth understanding of business constraints and community dynamics, Théo consistently provides value to clients and helps them achieve their social impact goals.

In his current role, Théo applies his qualifications and experience to deliver innovative and customized solutions to his clients. He is deeply passionate about working in challenging environments and developing comprehensive solutions that address the concerns of all stakeholders. Theo’s professional interest and focus lie in projects involving rural development and environmental issues, where he can apply his expertise to make a positive impact.