Yaowen Deng


+44 (0)1865558811

United Kingdom

MPhil in Development Studies (University of Oxford)

BA Hons in Philosophy (Nanjing University) 

Yaowen is a Consultant with three years of experience in social development and human rights, specializing in energy transitions, climate change, gender equality, and Africa-China relations. He brings valuable fieldwork experience from both rural China and the United States to his role and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English.

He possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and qualitative analytical skills, enabling him to excel in problem-solving within complex environments. Yaowen is deeply passionate about leveraging data analytics, visualization, and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to create innovative solutions for clients. His proficiency extends across Python, R, Power BI, Tableau, and other software.

Furthermore, Yaowen’s qualitative skills in socio-political analysis, media and policy research, report writing, networking, and facilitating multi-stakeholder discussions enable him to support clients in sensitive socio-political environments with their social performance management, stakeholder engagement, and community relations.

He is keen on exploring corporate best practices to encourage just energy transitions in the Global South, with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa. Driven by a long-standing passion for gender equality, economic transformation, and climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries, Yaowen is dedicated to driving positive social change and guiding businesses toward adopting more responsible and sustainable practices.

Awards, Memberships and Accreditations

Oxford Global Leadership Initiative Alumni 

Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL) Programme Alumni