We’ve had the privilege of partnering with companies, consultancies, governments and other industry leaders on many noteworthy projects around the world, providing solutions and frameworks for the growing challenge of resource-strain and concerns for fair practice.

Evaluating a llama farming trial as part of social closure planning at a mine in South America.

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Most of our clients operate in complex environments where a project’s sustainability is threatened by social factors. Our selected case studies will give you an overview of the kinds of projects we work on, from managing integrated social impact assessments in remote areas to training community relations practitioners in the extractives industry.

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Whether you’re a big company, a community-based trust, an international NGO, or a government, we know from first-hand experience that sustainable, long-term benefits can be found – even in the most complex of circumstances.

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Since 2004, we’ve been helping our clients reshape the social impacts of large-scale development projects. Get a quick overview of our project scope, our clients, our years of experience and what motivates us.