Certified Training: Community Relations Practice in the Extractive Industry

In partnership with CSMI (Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry) and WMI (Wits Mining Institute) at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Synergy has successfully been running the Community Relations Practice in the Extractive Industry programme since 2013. The programme consists of four University certified short courses, each of one week’s duration, hosted at the Wits University.

Aimed at community relations practitioners and professionals in Africa, the course seeks to develop critical capacity and professional skills in the area of community relations management.


You’ll benefit from:

  • Readily applicable professional skills;
  • Real-world case studies and peer-to-peer learning;
  • Ability to use international management and governance frameworks, as required by governments, companies, investors and regulatory bodies;
  • Shared experiences with colleagues from across Africa;
  • Membership in a new professional community of practice and network to further collaborate on pan-African issues and solutions in the extractive industry; and
  • Improved interpersonal skills and personal resilience to manage high-pressure situations and community conflicts.

Apply for an upcoming course:

Short CourseDate
Short Course 3: Community Relations Practice: Managing Community Impacts
17 - 21 May 2021
Introduction to social performance in renewable energy
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17-18 August 2021
Short Course 4: Community Relations Practice: Managing Benefits & Partnerships
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6 - 10 Sept 2021
Advanced Community Relations Practice within the Extractive Industries
October 2021
Short Course 2: Developing and Maintaining Stakeholder Relations
Late October 2021
NEW COURSE - Introduction to Social Performance PracticeQ3, Q4 (to be confirmed)

Course statistics to date:

Global spread:

  • 25 countries represented, of which 18 are from Africa

Types of organisations:

  • Mining (63%)
  • Oil and gas (13%)
  • Government (6%)
  • Consulting (6%)
  • Traditional authorities (4%)
  • Other (9%)

Gender spread:

  • 46% women and 54% men

Roles of participants:

  • Community Relations and Community Development were the most common, followed by Senior Management, Corporate Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility and Consultants.

For more information on one of the four Short Courses, dates and registration details, go to: Wits Short Courses Page, and search for the courses that begin with “Community Relations Practice”.